Corporate Packages

Corporate packages are designed according to the needs of the team.  Tailor made packages will be designed around the intention and needs of the company: stress management, increasing creativity, team bonding, building resilience in the corporation, etc.
The tailor made packages include a combination of Chi Gong (movement meditation) , Somatic Breathwork, Yoga, Somatic Movement, Sound baths, Somatic Bodywork, Somatic Experiencing workshops with in-house or outsourced practitioners handpicked by the Smarana Team. Each package is unique in itself as the needs of each team are different - workshops and consultants thus may vary.
Smarana Healing provides a free 20 minute consultation with Rida Kıraşı and Natalie Garih. Each package is designed in a holistic manner - looking at how we can embody the needs of the team and hold space to heal in all aspects (mind, body, soul, spirit).
Packages vary from 14-21 days and encompass a variety of online/in-person workshops with in-house and outsourced practitioners handpicked by the Smarana Healing Team.
To book a free online consulation, please email here