Our breath is a reflection of our inner world and sacred interior. Developing a relationship with the breath is all about learning to inhabit your body, establish new pathways in your brain, and cultivate emotional and relational intelligence. Breathing allows you to go to the depths of the feelings and into the subconscious. The breath is a tool, not the “work” itself. Breathwork is a two-stage pranayama breathing technique that is done in a controlled, meditative manner. ​Breath clears the blocks out of the body and raises our vibration and frequency. We access energy through a breathing technique, or breathing rhythm, and the vibration moves through the chakra and nervous system. With the breath, we go beyond the logical and conscious mind and access the somatic body; a world in which feelings cannot be explained through words.​ 
Breathwork in combination with sound, embodiment, somatic touch, restorative yoga postures and Reiki.
Virtual Sessions are facilitated via Zoom and is just as powerful as an in-person session. Virtual Breathwork includes sound and long-distance Reiki. For some, it is easier to surrender and release because they can be in the comfort of their own homes.​
Group breathwork brings a collective healing to the space. By breathing together, we remember that we are not alone and share vulnerability and gain strength and courage from one another. You can hear about upcoming events on Instagram or by subscribing. ​
60 or 90 minutes of Breath Work can help you with:​
Releasing trauma, stuck energy, false beliefs and illusions| Sexual Trauma | Releasing stress, anxiety, depression, aches, and pains in the body | Expand Consciousness and Awareness | Insomnia, migraines, panic attacks | Grief | Anxiety and Panic Attacks | Grounding Nervous System | Healing Subconscious Programming | Psychosomatic Illnesses
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