Smarana Nervous System Regulation Homekit

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We have prepared a Homekit with the intention to bring you back into your body and regulate your nervous system. Our kit includes a booklet to guide you through some nervous system regulation practices, breathwork and somatic exercises prepared by our Head Practitioners that you can easily practice at home.

We have handpicked our favorite products, including our Crescent Moon Meditation Seat, Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, Sleep Roll by Homemade Aromatherapy, Palo Santo, White Sage and Shell Incense Holder by Zea.

We have chosen each product as a vessel for you to find balance through our exercises, regulate your nervous system, create a safe space, and awaken the senses to come home to your body.

Nervous System Regulation Homekit Includes:

Nervous System Regulation Booklet - A Guidebook by Smarana

Smarana Crescent Moon Meditation Seat

Smarana Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Sleep Roll by Homemade Aromatherapy

Palo Santo Set (Includes 2 sticks of Palo Santo)

White Sage Bundle 

Shell Incense Holder by Zea Design