Reincarnation: Fact or Fable

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Millions of people throughout the East believe in the reality of reincarnation, and now it is also attracting great interest in the west. Although many Westerners are still highly skeptical, it is no longer confined to the friend of eccentrics dabbling in the occult but is now taken seriously by many scientists and philosophers as well as members of the general public. The truth or falsity of reincarnation has become one of the most hotly debated religious questions of our time. This book is the first to deal impartially with this complex and controversial subject. It contains contributions from the world's leading authorities in reincarnation research philosophers psychologist parapsychologists, doctors and theologians - from Britain, Europe, America Russia and Japan. It offers a variety of provocative views for against an neutral. Also for both scholar and gentle reader, the book contains an extensive annotated biography, and, to stimulate networking, and survey of organizations and religions bodies concerned with reincarnation. All this will enable readers to form their own balanced judgment on whether reincarnation is fact or fable.

Author: Arthur and Joyce Berger

Language: English

Year: 1992