An important element in healing and getting stronger is inviting your body to help you, to be a resource. As Babette Rothschild, Trauma Specialist, suggests learning to engage with your body as a DIARY. Begin taking "notes" from what your body is expressing by tuning inward. We’ve suppressed the needs of our physical body, not only emotionally, but physically. Whether it’s a tension in the shoulder, or a chronic pain in the back, or a “energetic knot” we feel in the throat. The body wants to be seen and heard. The more we ignore it, the more it screams to us through tension, chronic pains and psychosomatic illnesses. Through energy healing and body mapping we'll begin to create a dialogue with the physical body; body-awareness.

Every tension and pain holds an emotional experience/trauma/memory. Energy healing uses the chakra system (network of energy channels) as a map of the body to distinguish energy blockages and helps us unveil and encrypt the messages of the physical body.​

The term “reiki” (霊気) comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is a Japanese origin ancient healing technique that uses the power of gentle touch. This method helps soothe your nervous system and help to balance your subtle energetic and cellular bodies - stimulating deep relaxation, rejuvenation and your body’s own natural ability to heal and recover. Reiki helps to return your cells to their original condition and removes energy blockages, releases restrictions, and adjusts the flow of Qi, or energy. 

60 or 90 minutes of Energy Healing helps with:

Pain| Anxiety | Depression | Insomnia  | Digestive Issues| Menstrual Pain (PMS) | Relaxation | Balance |Stress –release |Enhance energy, circulation, blood flow, inner strength, connection, bonding and optimism | Heart opening | General feeling of “being stuck” or blocked

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