S M A R A N A (स्मरण) refers to “remembering”. It is a Sanskrit word meaning; to remember, to recall, to bring to mind; to return into the memory; self-remembrance.

Smarana Healing started as a philosophy, then as a platform that offered us a space to feel and hear the suppressed voices of the body.
Now, this vision has manifested into a healing space - a home for the searching soul.  
A space of stillness, seizing exterior and interior quietude.
A warm womb of protection, safety and healing. 
A space where the body is safe enough to remember and release. 
A place of nonverbal communication, support and containment. 
It is a space of a collection of stories, connecting to back to ancient wisdom and ancestral connection. It is an architectural portal. 
House of Smarana is a meditation center that offers healing sessions, wellness workshops and meditation classes in the heart of Istanbul. It is a space where we cultivate quiet, slow the mind down, understand our emotions and conquer our bodies. 
Embodying our philosophy, Smarana's product series “Come Home to Your Body embodies hand-crafted products that inspire to bring you back to your body and sacred interior.  
We are here to serve you; to create a space of safety and kindness, where you can attain serenity beyond the clutter of the external world.  We are here to support your path of unveiling your hidden truths and connecting back to your sacred interior.