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Sound Bath with Can Dedeoğlu

This event will be held by Can Dedeoğlu from Soundala Therapy. The placement of the Sound Healing and Meditation instruments in the environment provides the space to turn the resulting atmosphere into a truly vibrating sphere. A 3D sound sphere is created using gongs, himalayan bowls, flutes, crystal bowls, ocean drum, aqua drum, bells, drums and other sound healing and meditation instruments. In the resulting area, the participant will be able to find both an inner journey in a deep meditation, and an area to examine the relationships of the vibrations that the reflections choose, and the decisions they make.

Somatic Breathwork with Natalie Garih

Somatic Breathwork is a two-stage pranayama breathing technique that is done in a controlled, meditative manner. Breath releases the energetic blocks out of the body and raises our vibration and frequency, moving through the chakra and nervous system. With the breath, we go beyond the logical and conscious mind and access the somatic body; a world in which feelings cannot be explained through words.

Astromeditation with Melis Şenol

Combining astrology and meditation, Melis explores how our minds, energies and bodies are altered by the planet retrogrades and sun/lunar eclipses of the month. In her group sessions, Melis shares highlights the energies of the stars and planets and how we should navigate throughout it all. 

Breath and Sound with Natalie Garih & Rida Kıraşı

Somatic Pranayama is a session where Breath and Sound Healing come together. We breathe to return to our own essence, to reach our inner child, to remember ourselves. Developing a relationship with the breath is learning to live in your body, creating new ways in your brain to develop emotional and relational intelligence in the body. 

Sound therapy instruments use a principle called entrainment, to bring brain waves into a meditative field. In many studies, it has been observed that staying in ASC (altered states of consciousness) encourages the softening of the ego and therefore leads to a more holistic thinking habit, providing space for energetic changes such as unity consciousness, openness in emotions, creativity.

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