Natalie is the founder of Smarana Healing and is a Somatic Pranayama Breathwork Facilitator, and Reiki Master.

Natalie graduated from The George Washington University with a B.A in Human Services and Social Justice. She has trained with David Elliott, Dr. Scott Lyons, Lisa Levine, Jillian Pransky, Katie Down, Jessica Caplan, Erika Spring, Zuna Yoga and a number of amazing teachers that contributed to her canvas of healing.

As wellness has become a trend around the world, Natalie aims to protect the intention behind it all: to create a space of safety, containment and service as well as creating a balance between eastern and western medicine. She aims to hold a safe space, offering  somatic practices, embodiment and breathwork to tailor made wellness curations and experiences that encompass and prioritize the feeling of home

Natalie believes that in order to heal, we must work with the body in order to cultivate self-remembrance and come back to our core and most authentic selves. The body stores what the mind suppresses and blocks. We are in a world where we numb our inner chaos. Our bodies are screaming for help through psychosomatic illness and chronic pain. By using somatic practices, embodiment, breath work, sound, restorative yoga postures, meditation, Reiki and supportive conversation, she gently guides and reveals deeply buried histories or beliefs and helps unveil and encrypt the messages of the physical body. From one-on-one sessions to group work and healing retreats, Natalie creates a safe space for the body to feel in order to heal.

Certifications and Trainings:

ICF Certified Breathwork Coach - Yeditepe University | Istanbul NLP Academy, Istanbul 2021

Somatic Stress Release™ Level 1 – Dr. Scott Lyons, 2020

Korean Hand Therapy Level 1 - Edith Heidelberger, Istanbul, 2019

Breath Work Healer Training Level 1-3 - David Elliott, New Mexico 2019 

Reiki Masters - Erika Spring, Reiki Master, Maha Rose North, NY 2019

Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner - Sara Grace-Holsten , Access Facilitator, NYC  2019

Sound School - Katie Down, (MT-BC, LCAT), Jessica Caplan, NYC 2019

The Art of Teaching Restorative Yoga with Minimal Props - Jillian Pransky ERYT 500, C-IAYT, NYC 2019 

The Art & Science of Guiding Students into Deeper States of Relaxation Workshop - Jillian Pransky ERYT 500, C-IAYT, NYC 2019

​Restorative Yoga Teacher Training | The Art of Concious Relaxation and Deep Listening  - Jillian Pransky ERYT 500, C-IAYT, NYC 2019

Intro to Thai Yoga Therapy Workshop - Sarah Seely, NYC 2018

Reiki | First and Second Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing  - Lisa Levine MS Lac, NYC 2018

Tierra Santa Healing House Shamanic Family Constellations Workshop- Shaman Eric Lopez, Miami 2018

Issues in Alternative Medicine Course - Hannah V. Bradford, M.Ac., MBA, Washington, DC 2017

Religion and Philosophy in East Asia Course - Dr. Xiaofei Kang, Washington, DC 2017

Yoga Teacher Training RYT-200 - Zuna Yoga, Bali 2016