The Space

House of Smarana is a meditation center in the heart of Istanbul. With a capacity of 10, we offer workshops and sessions in somatic breathwork, sound healing, movement and meditation. 

House of Smarana is a space where we cultivate quiet, slow the mind down, understand our emotions and conquer our bodies. Our space is home for stillness, seizing exterior and interior quietude. We aim to offer you to find stillness while the world spins around us.

House of Smarana is more than just a studio, it is a home for the searching soul and an inner-space oasis, where design meets wellness sanctuary. Our space offers 3 private session rooms (Prana Room, Moon "Chandra" Room and Sun "Surya" Room) and a group session space (Cosmos Room).

Our holistic offering also includes a tea bar by Melez Tea, where ancient healing for modern living extends across the selection of tea’s handpicked by Smarana. 

The space also features a lifestyle boutique, where candles and meditation products are available to continue your home-practice.