Crescent Moon Meditation Seat

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Achieve inner peace and quiet the mind with the Crescent Moon Meditation Seat.

A meditation pillow designed to relieve pressure from the back, ankles, and knees while supporting spinal alignment. This crescent-shaped pillow gives you proper height, and provides a more comfortable and deeper meditation. It’s the perfect shape to find a comfortable Easy Pose (Sukhasana).

The Crescent Moon Meditation Seat doubles as a supportive prop for restorative yoga poses and breathwork.

Meditation seat is packed tightly with fiber and sponge filling that will gently conform to your body's shape and is wrapped in an ultra-soft cotton cover with a hidden zipper and convenient carry handle.

Material: Fabric made from %50 soft washed cotton and %50 polyester with handmade embroidery. With a removable fabric cover for easy washing. Wash at 30 degrees celsius.

Measurement: 60cm x 33m at center and 10cm thick

Made in Turkey.