Reconnection Spray | Homemade Aromaterapi x Smarana

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Our collaboration product with Homemade Aromaterapi:

This is an energy cleansing spray working with the intention of reconnecting to the universe, feeling of oneness and our intuition. Its base is Neroli Flower Water, used to balance our emotions with its mystical sweet scent. Lavender Vinegar and salt is added to protect us from unwanted energies. Myrrh gives us a gentle support while soul searching, while Patchouli provides the necessary grounding. Lavender encourages the revival of the soul. The scent of Pine works to create a sense of freshness as we breathe. Vetiver and Cedar creates a feeling of safety as we rise and grow from our roots.


Neroli Flower Water
Naturally Fermentated Lavender Vinegar
Rock Salt