Come Home to Your Body Essential Oil Blend | Homemade Aromaterapi x Smarana

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Our collaboration product with Homemade Aromaterapi:

This blend seeks for a feeling of wholeness. The essential oils chosen for it are extracted from different parts of plants, roots, buds, stem, fruits, leaves, and flowers to create an energetic whole. Carrying the nourishing power of the sun, Bergamot brings us to the moment with a calm uplift. Myrrh, the mother of all essential oils, supports us with affection. By calming the mind, Patchouli allows us to reconnect to our bodies. Clove represents the livelihood of a bud, blooming and growing, while Pine creates a feeling of forest bathing. Berries of the Juniper tree are known as energy cleansers. The sweet smell of Ylang-ylang brings us joy. Vetiver takes us back to our roots creating a feeling of home. Calamus, known for its powers to resurrect the soul, brings clarity to the mind.


Clove Bud
Juniper Berry